Naomi Wladimirski

Mass Communications - Advertising

Class of 2020

Tampa, FL, USA

Marina Kleinschmidt

Psychology, MA

Minor in Applied Behavior Analysis

Class of 2018

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD, USA

Henrique Correa

Quantitative Economics & Econometrics

+ Business Analytics & Information Systems

Class of 2020

Solution Analyst - Data Science


Lake Mary, FL, USA

João Pedro Pinto

Mass Communications - PR

Class of 2019

Marketing & Recruitment Assistant


Tampa, FL, USA

Rafaella Elger

Chemistry, BA - Concentration in Biochemistry

Class of 2019

Masters in Public Health

USF College of Public Health

Tampa, FL, USA

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USF Address:

4202 E. Fowler Avenue, MSC 3300, Tampa, FL 33620, USA • +1 (813) 585-6510

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