BRASA at USF Mentorship Program

BRASA at USF Mentorship Program is a project in which members of our organization will be connected for mentorship programs. This new initiative aims at the academic, professional, and personal development of the Brazilian students at USF. Our members will become mentees of Brazilian professionals who will share information and experiences.


Mentees will be assigned with their mentors according to students’ interests, major, and even hometown when matching mentors and mentees.


BRASA at USF Mentorship Program is the best opportunity for mentees, who will always have someone there to rely on, get advice, and “show them the way”. It will also be an amazing opportunity for mentors, who will be able to assist the next generation of Brazilian leaders, displaying a great leadership experience.


This new program also adds tremendous value to BRASA at USF as an institution because we will encourage interaction and strengthen the ties between the Brazilian community here at USF and the Tampa Bay Area. Moreover, we will be able to help an exponentially larger number of members. It is a win-win experience!





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