Felipe Camargo


Class of 2020

Marketing Manager

National 2Way, INC

Tampa, FL, USA

Alexandre Rondelli

Fianance & Management

Class of 2019

Commercial Planning Analyst


São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Renan Passador


Minor in Marketing

Class of 2017

Sócio e Assessor de Investimentos

Monte Bravo

São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Renata Martins

Global Business & Marketing

Class of 2020

Catalog Sales Representative


Tampa, FL, USA

Marcello Fonseca


Minor in Economics

Class of 2018

Senior Operations Analyst

XP Private

Miami, FL, USA

Igor Schattan

Finance - Asset Management

Class of 2020

Wealth Management Analyst

Morgan Stanley

Palm Harbor, FL USA

Giovanni Zago

Masters - Marketing

Class of 2018

Category Management Analyst

Whirlpool Brazil

São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Giovanni Furlani

Masters - Entrepreneurship

Class of 2019

Administrative Assistant


São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Antonio Douat


Class of 2018

Controllers Analyst


Curitiba, PR, Brasil

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