Arthur Pons

Electrical Engineering

Class of 2020

Research Engineer

Polymaterials App, LLC

Tampa, FL, USA

Olga Perone

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Class of 2019

Optimized Operations EHS Engineer


Huntsville, AL, USA

Felipe Guell

Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2020

Process Engineer

The Harris Products Group

Mason, OH, USA

Juan Carlos Pericas

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Class of 2018

Industrial Engineer

American Express

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Gustavo Chiappetta

Masters in Engineering Management

Class of 2020

Project Manager

B&I Contractors

Tampa, FL, USA

Mateus Munhoz

Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2018

Technical Trainer


Minneapolis, MN, USA

Luis Henrique Massud

Computer Engineering

Class of 2019

Software Engineer


Tampa, FL, USA

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USF Address:

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