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HEXA Consulting is the first Florida chapter of Junior Enterprise, located at the University of South Florida. It originated within the Brazilian Student Association at USF as a way for students to earn professional experience prior to graduation. They provide cost-free consulting services in the fields of engineering, marketing, and finance to clients in the Tampa Bay area. Visit their website for more information.

"Our idea was to provide a way to earn experience, and prepare students for their careers with things they can put on their resume"

-Isabella Marques, President

"Explore the biggest brands' key strategic issues. Find innovative solutions and forge your own unique experience that future employers will love."

- Agorize

They are also Ambassadors of Agorize - an Open Innovation Challenge Platform that gives students the opportunity to create projects to solve challenges proposed by major companies. Every challenge will be shared with BRASA at USF and we encourage every student to participate.  Check the latest challenges below! 


Choose your favorite, get in teams, and start working!

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