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Best Study Mindset: How to learn faster with powerful mindsets

Have you imagined how it would feel like to know you can learn literally anything and nothing could stop you?

Well, it's possible. All it takes is a few key mindset shifts.

This part of the series explores 3 key “study mindsets” we want to have when approaching our studies, so we learn faster, better and waste less time.

What's the idea?

Your psychology is a key determinant of your success.

Before you start studying, it's super important to tune up your mindset, so you can learn things quicker without anything limiting your capacity to do that.

The 3 key mindsets that we will explore to achieve that are:

  • Growth-Mindset

  • Grit

  • Hope

Growth-mindset, a term created by Carol Dweck in her book Mindset, relates to our belief about our ability to learn new things - we know that talent is merely a starting point, and anything is learnable if we apply ourselves to it.

Grit, a concept explored by Angela Duckworth in her book Grit, relates to our level of perseverance in studying a new (or hard) material - we know that effort is twice as important as IQ, and keep studying until we get what we want.

Hope, a concept explored by Shane Lopez in his book Making Hope Happen, relates to our belief that there's always a way to succeed - no matter how hard a class or material is.

Why it matters?

It's critical to embrace an empowering mindset that will speed up your learning and help you through the learning process.

If you have limiting-beliefs that hold you back and don't allow your full capacities to be used, it will shortcut the goals you're striving for.

So, improving your mindset at the start will power up your learning speed and help with everything later on.

What's next?

In the next posts, we will dive deeper into each of those mindsets and explore ways you can implement it in your own life.

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