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BRASA at USF volunteers at the Trinity Cafe

Naomi Wladimirski | Trinity Cafe Volunteering

Every semester our Director of Community Outreach, Naomi Wladimirski organizes volunteering events that highly impact the local community. Volunteering events are one of the main pillars of our course of action, since it is part of our mission to provide student involvement, growth and leadership opportunities.

Last week, 10 BRASA at USF members had the chance to join us at the Trinity Cafe, serve food and provide companionship to homeless people in Tampa Bay. All 10 volunteers shared their impressions in BRASA's Instagram page and all said how grateful it was to be there helping those 202 hungry people. Common words among the volunteers were gratitude and emotion.

"It really touches the heart to see these people that stay for hours without eating, but still come here and are very nice and humble," said one of the participants. "Sometimes they just need to talk to someone and share a moment."

Each semester Naomi reserves two to three volunteering events and has noticed the impact it has been making:

"Each year, there are more students that want to get involved," said Naomi. "Once they go, they always want to come back to that place or to another opportunity."

Volunteering events are impactful for everybody. By volunteering, BRASA at USF helps Tampa Bay grow in terms of quality of life, personal achievement and business development. Students develop a sense of community and come back from events wanting to make a difference and change the World.


For more information about Volunteering events with BRASA at USF, contact João Pedro, BRASA at USF Vice President at

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