Hack Your Academics: How to cut your study time in half while acing your classes - Intro to Series

How awesome would it be to waste less time studying, and not stress about your academics?

It would be cool, right?

Because BRASA at USF is committed to serving you the best we can, we created a new content series called "Hack Your Academics: How to cut your study time in half while acing your classes, so you can enjoy more of your time in college".

The series is about studying better (not harder) by using learning hacks and shortcuts to maximize your study time.

It's not our opinion, but it's mostly a compilation of the best scientific resources on learning that we distilled and crystallized in a simple, short and easy way for you to learn and apply in your own life.

And we're not trying to be comprehensive about and getting everything that is out there on the topic, but we'll be focusing on the most potent tools and strategies that can make the biggest difference in your life.

The series will be broken down into four parts:

  • Mindset - How to Get Our Minds Right

  • Schedule - What's the Best Schedule to Learn

  • Techniques - Best Ways to Study

  • Physiology - How to Prime Your Body for Maximum Learning

There'll be a big emphasis on learning, because "If more information was what we needed, we would all be billionaires with perfect abs" (Derek Sivers).

At the end of each post, there will be an action step to take the theory you just learned and apply it to your life.

So, if you're currently stressed with your academics, or simply want to waste less time studying, stay tuned for the next pieces of content we'll share here.

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And remember!

Don't be selfish and keep this only to yourself. Share with someone who might need it - it could be a game-changer for them.