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Renan Passador and Felipe Guell came up with the idea of creating a Brazilian organization at the University of South Florida in their first semester in 2015 to serve as a facilitator to the Brazilian students at USF. They saw the opportunity since there were more than forty Brazilians in that time; and they took advantage of the situation. They had three goals in mind for the organization: to help the Brazilians academically, to serve as a bridge in their careers, and to spread Brazilian culture throughout the USF campus. 


Academically, today BRASA helps more than one hundred students since the admission process until they graduate. Through our social media, we help incoming students answering questions about the university and its surroundings, we post information about opportunities offered by the university, such as clubs, classes, fairs, and everything which we think might be interesting for our members. Thus, we make sure they are being well supported. As an example, we created videos about getting drivers licenses to make sure they have a great experience during their student life. 


Career-wise: we take our students to global conferences and career fairs held in important universities of the United States and Brazil to help them in their career paths. We use social media to share information about career fairs and career opportunities. The goal is to expose them to networking.


Brazilian culture: we participate in many on-campus events related to international culture exposing Brazilian culture and bringing our awareness to the campus. We are partners with Portuguese classes, promoting events to help those who are interested in Portuguese. 


Therefore, we use what is available to us to accomplish our goals and our mission to help the Brazilian community at USF.

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