Becoming a Partner

Being a Partner with us means being engaged in our causes and contributing to achieve our goals by:

  • Helping incoming students

  • Facilitating current student engagement with university resources and outside resources

  • Helping us promote academic, professional and cultural events

Because we also care about the community, we created our Corporate Social Responsibility at we focus on:

- Community Development

- Women Leadership/Equality

- Multicultural Diversity

- Healthy Lifestyle

We look forward to partnering with organizations that wish to help us achieve these goals by fostering specific initiatives and resources and that also share the same ideology through their services, products or even their own CSR.

As an example, if your organization wishes to make an impact in the community through its services, products, or as its secondary or tertiary organizational goal, that aligns with our goals and therefore we are more likely to develop a win-win relationship.

Each organization that concludes the partnership may also be able to include in their Corporate Social Responsibility their commitment to education through academic, social and professional development. Partnering with BRASA at USF means enrolling into a socially accountable corporate citizenship. Each initiative conducted with the student organization will count towards the achievement of BRASA’s goal and therefore, will be considered as an effort to enhance student life and an investment in education.

By the end of the term, each organization may receive a certificate of effective partnership, adding up value to their own corporate citizenship and presence in the educational sector. BRASA at USF wants not only a generation of new leaders for a better Brazil; we want to shape leaders of the World, and that can only be completed with the support of a strong network inside and outside the University.

Benefits and Marketing Objectives

By enrolling into the partnership, the company will be able to benefit off by receiving attention to their marketing objectives through:

  1. Logo exposition through website linkage - Official Partners page.

  2. Distribution of fliers or other marketing material during BRASA at USF’s tabling events at USF*

  3. Eventual displayed advertisement on social media.

  4. Opportunity to host an event with BRASA at USF presenting products/services.

  5. Opportunity to network and recruit students from all over the world and from all areas of knowledge.

  6. Share knowledge and experiences of the corporate world to future leaders.

  7. Opportunity to sponsor BRASA at USF’s major events, panels and conferences with business leaders in Tampa Bay and Florida - with discounts.

  8. Certificate of partnership and investment in education and CSR.

*If you wish to understand more about the partnership and read its terms and conditions, contact us and we will explain and send a proposal template.


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