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Meet our Teams

Ready to meet our teams? They are truly what make BRASA such an organized institution. From Public Relations to Event Planning, we need every single one of them for things to run smoothly.





The Finance Team provides comprehensive analysis of the budge allocation proposed for the upcoming academic year overseeing $5,500+ supplied by state funding to cover general expenses for our events.



The Marketing Team is responsible for promoting brand awareness, monitoring and managing all social media platforms, creating unique designs, promotional materials, and maintaining a consistent relationship with members.


Professional Development

The Professional Development Team assists and supports our 375+ members to facilitate their process of obtaining internships, full-time positions, and to guarantee their succeed in every scope of their lives.


Public Relations

The Public Relations Team negotiates business partnerships to enhance fundraising efforts toward our scholarship and to offer discounts and opportunities to benefit our members. The PR Team also plans and organizes logistical requirements to receive a USF Student Government grant of $7,000 towards conference expenses taking place across the United States benefiting all of our members.


Social Impact

The Social Impact Team is our newest team and it was created to organize our volunteering events and our newest mentorship program "The BRASA Path to USF". The team has the ultimate goal of impacting not only our fellow Brazilian classmates at USF but also the greater community that surrounds us at Tampa, FL.


Event Planning

The Event Planning Team prepares events to our members to enjoy and share our culture with others while raising money which will be then donated directly towards our own the Scholarship. 

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