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Brazilian Student Association at USF presents the largest Brazilian Student Conference in Florida

The Brazil-Florida Student Conference 2019 will connect more than 200 Brazilian Students with the job market in both countries

TAMPA, FL - February 25, 2019 - The Brazilian Student Association at the University of South Florida (BRASA at USF) will host the first professional student conference for Undergraduate and Graduate Brazilians in Florida. The event will be held on April 20 at the Marshall Student Center on the USF Tampa campus, connecting Brazilians to professionals and corporations in their areas of studies, both in Brazil and the United States.

Recent research performed by Cia. De Talentos, shows that 34 percent of almost one thousand Brazilian students in the US had not decided if they should return to Brazil or stay in the US after graduation. In light of this information, BRASA at USF is partnering with other Brazilian Student Associations in Florida to offer all Brazilian students the opportunity to network with professionals and understand more about the differences in the Brazilian and American markets.

“The Brazilian and American markets are extremely different,” said Rodrigo Vianna, one of the professional lecturers from Mappit, a recruitment company in Brazil. “Students need to understand if they want a better quality of life or cultivate better working relationships.”

The Brazil-Florida Student Conference will give students the opportunity to meet experienced professionals and talk to recruiters and companies interested in hiring young professionals and interns during a career fair. The conference will also have an entrepreneurial and science focus, featuring USF faculty advisers and staff, and experienced entrepreneurs in Florida such as the president of Florida Cup, Ricardo Villar, the entrepreneur Rodrigo Padilha and Universal Studio’s vice president of sales in Latin America, Marcos Barros.

The Conference will also have the support of the partner Brazil-Florida Business Council and other sponsoring organizations in Brazil and Tampa, US.

“One of our goals at BRASA is to make sure we give students all the resources and support needed before, during and after their years of studies here at USF,” said Alexandre Rondelli, president at BRASA at USF’s. “But we can only do that if we focus on professional development during higher education and if we have the support from outside partners and stakeholders.”


For more information about the conference or the student organization, visit or contact:

João Pedro Pinto:

Conference Director of Communications and Outreach

BRASA at USF’s Executive Vice President

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